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O Cavalcanti

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Because the other suzerains did not know that the anti-heaven faction in the fairy world had been uprooted by the Xuantian faction, and it was the anti-heaven faction that was eradicated that the anti-heaven gate in the real world was exterminated, so when Xu Qingzi said this, the eleven suzerains were a little embarrassed, and a few even showed an embarrassed look. At this moment, the fourth thunder came down. The power of this thunder is a million times that of the first thunder, even if the twelve suzerains together, it is not easy to follow. More terrible is that the back of the five days of thunder will not be weakened because of the strength of the twelve suzerain, there will be no delay, will be split one after another! Chapter 93 self-sacrifice of the main text. Despite the use of the Dazzling Sun Flying Rainbow Flying Sword, the third thunder still made Xu Qingzi spit blood at the mouth, and his breath was in chaos. In the face of the fourth thunder, which was hundreds of times stronger than the third thunder, the twelve suzerains trembled in their hearts. Where is this 19 days of plunder? The ninety-nine plagues of many practitioners are not comparable. Xu Qingzi was seriously injured after he used the dazzling sun and flying rainbow. The power of the third thunder was too powerful. You know, the Flying Sword of "Dazzling Sun and Flying Rainbow" is the treasure of Dihuang Gate, and it is also one of the five best immortal flying swords in the realm of cultivation. In the realm of cultivation, flying swords and instruments are not made for the three levels of "Tao", "Spirit" and "Immortal" according to the materials they are made and the time they are refined. Each level has three grades: upper, middle and lower. In addition,non standard fasteners, there are ten levels of the best immortal. Among them, the best immortal flying swords are the least and the most precious, and there are only five in the whole realm of cultivation! "Dazzling Sun Flying Rainbow" is one of them, although it is only the worst of the five best immortal flying swords, but it is also very valuable and powerful. According to legend, when the second generation suzerain of Dihuang Gate, who was also the only male suzerain of Dihuang Gate,car radiator cap, Tianlingzi, a monster appeared in the realm of Emei cultivation, which could control and use the true fire of Samadhi, kill the cultivator and suck the yuan Ying of the cultivator. Many disciples of Dihuang Gate were killed by Yan Ling, including several younger martial sisters of Tianlingzi. In order to avenge the disciples, Tianlingzi broke into Yanling's cave alone. After killing Yan Ling, he found two treasures in Yan Ling's body: Yan Beast Crystal and Fiery Sun Charcoal. These two things are extremely rare in the realm of cultivation, and even do not belong to the treasure of the realm of cultivation at all. Inflammation beast crystal contains thousands of years of cultivation of inflammation spirit, pure energy crystal of Yang. Fiery charcoal should not appear in the realm of cultivation at all. It is an item in the realm of immortals. Yan Ling is not a monster in the realm of cultivation, but a fairy beast from the realm of immortality. It is by using the true fire of Samadhi produced by the scorching sun and charcoal that Yan Ling has the strength of rage. Tianlingzi did not waste these two precious materials. He refined the inflamed animal crystal with the Samadhi True Fire produced by the burning charcoal. Then forge the inflamed beast crystal into a flying sword. This is the origin of the dazzling sun and flying rainbow. Since then, Dazzling Sun Flying Rainbow has become the treasure of Dihuang Gate, which has been owned by the suzerain of Dihuang Gate, and has been passed down from generation to generation. Because Dazzling Sun Flying Rainbow has the attribute of pure Yang, die casting parts ,alloy die casting, if it is used by male practitioners. It will restrain each other with the innate truth of the masculine attribute of the male, and it is easy to make the cultivator go crazy. Just like this, after being refined into a dazzling sun and flying red, Tianlingzi knew that this flying sword contained the evil spirit of Yan Ling, which could only be restrained by the innate truth of Yin and softness. As a result, Tianlingzi never used Dazzling Sun and Flying Rainbow. Before he ascended, he passed the position of suzerain to his most proud female disciple. Since then, the suzerain of Dihuang Gate has always been a female suzerain, and there has never been a male suzerain, and even few male suzerains have been recruited. Over the next two thousand years. Dazzling Sun Flying Rainbow has been handed down in Dihuang Gate for dozens of generations, which contains the lifelong cultivation of dozens of suzerains. After more than two thousand years of tempering, the evil spirit in the dazzling sun and flying rainbow has faded a lot and become a real sacrificial flying sword. Although the innate truth of each suzerain is not exactly the same, it will influence each other and restrain each other, thus weakening the power of the flying sword. However, it is much more powerful than the top-grade Flying Sword to bring its inherent truth into full play. Besides, the dazzling sun and flying rainbow also contain hundreds of years of cultivation of Xu Qingzi, whose power far exceeds the flying sword possessed by ordinary practitioners in the period of Dacheng.
At that time, when Xu Qingzi encountered the disaster of 59 days, he withstood the last three thunderstorms with the dazzling sun and flying rainbow, and did not let the disciples of the Dharma Protector make a move. From this we can see how powerful the dazzling sun and flying rainbow are. Now, when dealing with the third thunder of the 19 small plunder brought by Yu Fan, Xu Qingzi used the dazzling sun and flying rainbow. Obviously, the power of this day's plunder is more powerful than the 59 days' plunder that she had attracted. To the horror of the other suzerains, even though Xu Qingzi tried her best, the flying sword was almost shaken away, and she was seriously injured. You know, Xu Qingzi was only slightly injured when he was dealing with the last thunder of the 59 small sky robbery. Visible, the power of this thunder in the end how big! Seeing that the fourth thunder was about to fall, Xu Qingzi did not take back the "dazzling sun and flying rainbow", but poured a true yuan into the flying sword, and once again shot out the flying sword against the thunder. See Xu Qingzi desperate to fight against the thunder. The other eleven suzerains were also a little embarrassed. After all, Xu Qingzi was a woman, and the other eleven suzerains were all men. In addition, Xu Qingzi's cultivation is the weakest of the twelve suzerains. If even Xu Qingzi can't compare with them, how can they save their face? Do they still want to mix in the realm of cultivation in the future? "Xu Qingzi.". Don't mess around! A suzerain who gave out a black innate true yuan roared loudly. He also quickly called out his flying sword. Dear Taoist friends, Xu Qingzi is right. The inverse gate of heaven was kind to us at that time. If we can't save the lineal descendants of the inverse gate of heaven today, where can we put our old faces? Poor way inaction, even if the fight for this little life, also can't let Yu Fan brothers be threatened. It was Yi Yangzi, the suzerain of Tianxingmen in the realm of Emei Xiuzhen, who was impassioned and followed by Xu Qingzi. In the realm of Emei cultivation, the Tianxing Sect is definitely an alternative sect of cultivation. The reason is very simple. The sect does not focus on refining utensils, but on refining bodies. However,metal stamping parts, the strength of Tianxingmen is absolutely not to be underestimated, especially from the generation of disciples of Yi Yangzi, Tianxingmen has a tendency to replace Dihuangmen and become the number one sect of Emei Xiuzhen. autoparts-dx.com

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